• The pond at Château Grand Boise - Trets, Bouches-du-Rhône where the performance took place
  • Positioning the canvas - 'The Mountain', 2014
  • 'Camera Tracing Mechanism' - as used in 'The Mountain', 2014
  • 'The Mountain', 2014 - painting detail
  • performing 'The Mountain', 2014

‘The Mountain’, 2014 at voyons voir | art contemporain et territoire
April 2014

For five weeks between February and March 2014, I stayed at the ‘Château Grand Boise’ vineyard in Trets, Bouches-du-Rhône, to develop the first part of a year-long project titled ‘The Mountain’.

With this project, I am particularly concerned with the relationship between my body and the landscape at the Château.

I became interested in exploring the poetics of movement, so I choreographed a series of moves inspired by key aspects of the landscape such as Mount Aurélien.
I aimed to relay certain spatial notions like geometry and fluidity, as well as some aesthetical ideas like the aggression of the mountain’s facade.

‘The Mountain’, 2014 utilises painting, performance and film. I crafted a ‘Camera Tracing Mechanism’ with space for a small digital camera at its back, and wore it as I enacted the performance, while simultaneously painting on a 5 by 2 metre outdoor canvas.

The artist’s body can thus be considered as a storytelling device or a ‘mechanism’ for narration and ultimately, the canvas and the moving image become a conceptual reflection of each other.

The exhibition opens on Thursday 26th June at the ‘Château Grand Boise’ vineyard in Trets, Bouches-du-Rhône.

The accompanying film will be screened at the Château, as well as part of a group exhibition at ‘ARTEUM – musée d’art contemporain‘, Châteauneuf-le-Rouge.

More details to follow soon – please check ‘Projects’ section.