• performance detail 're-trace (part 3) - The Station'
  • performance detail 'The Station'
  • performance detail 're-trace (part 3) - The Station'
  • performance painting detail, 'The Studio'
  • Installation detail, 'The Station and The Studio'
  • Installation detail, 'The Station and The Studio'

‘The Station and The Studio’, GoetheOnMain, Johannesburg
August 2014

‘The Station and The Studio’ explores notions of territory in Johannesburg by encouraging a dialogue between the private artist’s studio and the public ‘Noord Taxi Rank’ in the inner City.

With this final instalment, as with part one and part 2 of the project, I am really interested in working with landscapes, but in this case it’s the urban landscape of Johannesburg.

‘Noord Taxi Rank’ (The Station), is a vibrant hub avoided by Joburg residents who afford the luxury of private meter taxis. But for the working class, these public taxis are integral to navigating the city in a cost effective way. With rumoured mafia links and crime, some regard ‘Noord Taxi Rank’ as a dangerous part of the city. But although it’s chaotic and frantic , the station and the taxis have their rules.

Passengers queue in an orderly fashion and on the taxis, money changes hands trustfully between strangers.

At the station I craft a ‘Camera Tracing Mechanism’ attaching a camera to my thigh and my head. Subsequent films ‘The Station’ and ‘Taxi’ relay performances of circumstance.

In ‘The Station’ the mechanism points the camera to the floor, so every raise of my knee comes a new scene. In ‘Taxi’, I join an unintended chorus of heads as my fellow passengers move in tandem with road bumps.

Back in the studio, I create a series of colourful movement paintings inspired by my experience of the station. They are installed in a considered and layered way which communicates notions of junctions and mapping – mirroring the character and spatiality of the station, and the buses themselves eagerly navigating the city.

These  different components of the project – the spatiality of the studio and the station, explored through the mediums of  film, painting and performance, are connected through the artist’s body and mirror each other conceptually.

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