Pen on paper - 'Lagos Sand Merchants' (2013) Filming Lagos Sand Merchants

Sand Merchants and the like gather under Festac bridge on the outskirts of Lagos, Nigeria. Some wait to unload sand laden boats approaching shore, some are middle men cutting deals with traders from the construction industry, others start drinking from dawn – thoroughly merry by noon. Madams dot the area offering refreshments from small wooden […]

Robert Mapplethorpe at Alison Jacques Gallery. Photo - Alison Jacques Gallery My top 10 recommended shows this month

- Ken Okiishi at Pilar Corrias (Closes 5 Oct) – Alice Theobald at Pilar Corrias (Closes 5 Oct, includes performance on 5 Oct) – Robert Mapplethorpe at Alison Jacques (Closes 5 Oct) – Richard Serra at Alan Cristea (Closes 8 Oct) – Haroon Mirza in Conversation at Chelsea College of Art (booking essential- 10 Oct) […]

'Traces' , Ana Mendieta at The Hayward Gallery My top 10 recommended shows this month

-Ibrahim El-Salahi at Tate Modern (closes 22 Sep) -Meschac Gaba at Tate Modern (closes 22 Sep) -Peckham Artist Moving Image -‘PAMI’ (closes 22 Sep) -Omer Fast at Imperial War Museum (closes 29 Sep) -Jockum Nordström at Camden Arts Centre (closes 29 Sep) -Idris Khan at Victoria Miro (20 Sep – 9 Nov) -Richard Avedon at […]


'Timepiece', Conrad Shawcros (2013).
Photo by Jeremy Timings Random Dance Company in response to ‘Timepiece’ by Conrad Shawcross

I experienced a performance by Wayne McGregor/Random Dance Company, in response to ‘Timepiece’ by Conrad Shawcross at the Roundhouse. ‘Timepiece’ is a modern abstract take on an archaic sundial. Shawcross’s mechanism incorporates light and rotates in a dynamic motion- weaving hypnotically and throwing meditating shadows around the space, subsequently illuminating the crevices of the roundhouse’s exposed […]

'Voyons Voir'  Residency Vineyards, Aix-en-Provence ‘Voyons Voir’ Art Residency Invitation, Aix-en-Provence

I was recently invited to Aix-en-Provence in the South of France, by the French cultural organisation ‘Voyons Voir‘. In anticipation of a forthcoming artist residency, I have been asked to propose a project which will serve as the basis for the month long residency. The organisation has a series of beautiful sites, including two majestic […]

It doesnt Nigerian women wanted for new film series on Identity

‘It Doesn’t Need More’ is a project series which will portray the experiences of a select group of Nigerian women, living in London and its surrounding areas. Based on the Artist’s experiences of a dual cultural heritage of both British and Nigerian origins, ‘It Doesn’t Need More’ aims to discern how other women in the diaspora navigate […]