A Year in Lagos.
February 2018

In 2017 I took a break from my practice and moved to Lagos for a year.

Lagos has always been my go-to place for inspiration, except for the first time I wouldn’t be making any work.

After spending a super intense, yet deeply enlightening two years at De Ateliers which ended in 2016, I wanted some space to think about the direction of my practice.

So what did I do?

I worked independently as a Creative Consultant, managing exciting projects for an art foundation in Lagos, as well as working with an art education company in China.

I wrote the screenplay for my first feature film titled “Salt Mine” – which I’ve had in my head for the past 3 years! It felt so liberating to finally put words to paper and begin to conceptualise this film.

Although It was one of the most testing and challenging periods of my life, I took inspiration from my surroundings. I observed the idiosyncrasies of this beautiful and magical, yet insanely crazy melting pot that is Lagos.

I made some research trips to the ancient cities of Kano and Benin City.

Ideas began to emerge.

As the year drew to a close and I prepared to leave, I was suddenly compelled to create new work.

I assembled my crew and off we went, waking up at the break of dawn and praying the unpredictable street guys I’d persuaded to feature in the work, would be waiting for us!

(btw they weren’t, I probably risked my life waking them up at such an ungodly hour but it was worth it!)

2017 was a huge learning curve. Though testing and challenging at times, at every bend I listened to my heart and followed my intuition.

Now back in Hamburg, I’m happy to continue establishing my practice in the enchanting port city and have started developing some interesting new projects.

2018 is full of exciting prospects and I can’t wait to share them with you soon.